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All of Shield's products contain hypochlorous acid and are formulated with varying concentrations to create a full line of products effective in several areas covering wound and skin care, to household cleaning or disinfecting, vet care and first aid. Shield™ Disinfectant, registered by the EPA, and Shield™ First Aid Solution, cleared by the FDA are the two flagship products of the Shield™ line, and as leaders of the Shield™ family, can give you the assurance of our product's validity, effectiveness and guarantee for family, pets, and homes! The 'magic' behind the entire Shield™ Cleansers product line is not really 'magic' at all, but rather nature at its purest combined with proven science. Shield's main ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a substance found naturally in the human body, and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. This electro-chemical reaction reproduced the hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water, and paved the way for a new generation of health, healing and cleanliness.

Trust Think Products has been developing and manufacturing revolutionary products since the foundation of the company was set in 2016. Relevance in the market was first obtained with TTP Moisturizing Sanitizer, the first leave-on sanitizer that provides up to 24-HOUR protection while remaining alcohol-free and child-safe! Trust Think Moisturizing Sanitizer can be used around the eyes, ears, nose and mouth for ultimate protection against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

Following the team’s success with such a new age remedy then prompted Trust Think to focus to the problems that animals face.

The ever-revolving curse of flies and ticks that large animals must suffer from every year was the next major opportunity that Trust Think could see to have an impact on. When Trust Think develops animal products, the same principle applies for the safety and security of all lives. All products at Trust Think must be certified FDA-GRAS, providing the highest qualification that a product can carry in terms of safety. When an animal eats around 2oz of THINK Fly and Tick, any embedded ticks will back out and fall off as well as deterring further flies, ticks and biting insects altogether!

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