Profit Builders, Inc.

Profit Builders, Inc.

Jeff Timmermeyer

7325 W 33rd St N
Wichita, KS 67205-
Phone Number (316) 729-7900
Fax (316) 721-2732
Email 43968473-1ae8-42a5-96d9-45ca849eb7c3
Company Description

Profit Builders, Inc is an Accounting and Payroll services company built on experience, commitment and technology. We have a proud history of building long-term client relationships. Our goal is to be there all along the way to assist you in building a profitable business while at the same time removing the burden of accounting activities. We have a long history of working with clients in the restaurant and hospitality industry and have many solutions tailored specifically for your needs. See a brief overview of services below.[AB1] 

Ø      Accounting

Overview: Our outsourced accounting solution exists to take the burden of accounting activities off you, the business owner, and allow you to focus on growing your business. A dedicated team of Profit Builders staff members are assigned to each client all at one fixed monthly fee. Additionally, our powerful web-based accounting platform allows clients to view the financial health of their business in real time on any device.

·         Bookkeeping

·         Accounts Payable

·         Accounts Receivable

·         Bank Reconciliation

·         Financial Reporting



Ø      Payroll Outsourcing / Human Capital Management (PRO WORK)

Overview: Our payroll outsourcing and Human Capital Management solution, PRO WORK is the best combination of personalized service and a powerful web-based application available today. Not only will you receive a dedicated payroll processor to handle all payroll complexities for you, but you will also gain the efficiency of using an enterprise level, web-based human capital management platform for managing your labor force.

·         Payroll Outsourcing

o        Dedicated Payroll Processor

o        Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, or Checks

o        Paperless Forms (I9, W4, etc)

o        Employee Self Service

o        Accrual Management

·         Time and Labor Management including:

o        Multiple time clock solutions (web, mobile, physical)

o        Scheduling

o        Flexible pay rules

o        Job Costing

o        Workflow

·         Human Resource Management including:

o        Onboarding

o        Applicant Tracking

o        Performance Management

o        Incident Tracking

o        Benefits Administration

o        Workflow

·         Affordable Care Act Management

o        Automatic Status Tracking

o        Automatic Form Population

o        Electronic Form Delivery


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